How We Work

Bacellar works shoulder-to-shoulder with your leadership team. 


Our Approach

Bacellar Inc. operates under flexible service structures that are tailor-made for each client situation. By actively helping to co-manage the client's business, we go far beyond providing consulting services and business plan design. We deliver critical execution capabilities that result in a sustainable, thriving growth strategy.

Advisor to the Board of Directors

  • Apply and manage structured, fact-based decision-making processes

  • Provide an experienced sounding board for critical decisions
  • Support fundraising efforts

CXO Roles

  • Lead change management processes
  • Recruit, hire and lead senior executive team
  • Secure business plan execution to keep performance on track

Strategy Consultant

  • Develop and deploy commercialization and marketing strategies
  • Develop new product and market positioning
  • Review business plans and revenue models

Bacellar Inc.'s role varies according to the client's challenger, and will depend on the differing levels of direct management of the venture and the amounts of time required to solve the problem and achieve the desired results.


Basis for a Successful Scale-up Execution

Detailed execution growth plan

  • Weekly work plan by area, with actionable steps and detailed to-do lists for each manager
  • Performance metrics control panel for short-term reviews and rapid adjustment mechanisms
  • Transparent metrics, targets and objectives for all members of the organization, from the receptionist to middle management, C-Suite executives and the Chairman of the Board

Full alignment between investors, founders and management team

  • Fundraising plan to secure adequate funding for subsequent rounds
  • Leadership team committed to the venture
  • Strategic plan for talent management

Robust business strategy

  • Crystal-clear value proposition – a business problem or consumer demand is solved
  • Elegant, well-designed business model – fully developed product/service that addresses the market’s needs
  • Long-term sustainable revenue model – real paying clients for the product/service, buying from the company on a recurring basis, with a measurable, sizeable and untapped potential to expand

Scale-up Toolkits

Marketing for Exponential Growth

  • Analytics, metrics and performance of marketing investments
  • Building a global brand from the ground up
  • Marketing plan review – brand positioning, customer experience, competitive pricing and communications strategy

Sales for Exponential Growth

  • Sales channel administration in the Internet era
  • Selling at scale – sales force management and superior customer service delivery
  • The scale-up mantra – growth, revenue and sales, sales, sales

Scale-up Key Support Functions Review

  • Admin Basics support: back office/finance/legal management/IP protection
  • HR Basics support: job description/people sourcing
  • Leadership and talent management strategy
  • Organizational best-fit model

The Art of Finance: The Scale-up Business Cycle

  • Boards and governance

  • Crisis management readiness
  • Funding growth
  • Institutional partnerships
  • Mergers and acquisitions